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Zip Manager
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S60 3rd
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I wouldnt say its a must have app but it doesnt mean that its not worth mentioning. If you use this feature you should download it because it works fine. My opinion is that its easier to decompress a Zip file on your PC but if you receive or download this kind of files you should definitely have it. On some sites they give you a few rows of explaining how to open files with Zip Manager. Well Ill tell you how: press the ok key on your joystick. Simple as that. If you have Zip Manager installed you can view the .zip files in your ActiveFile Manager.

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Akash Barnwal - 11.12.13
It is working till now.
tete - 9.10.13
Kbr - 26.09.12
Shows in nokia e63 components built in..?
Imran Malek - 28.04.12
It is super application N73
Buy oem Software - 12.02.12
ZFzSeR The text is promising, will place the site to my favorites. !!
Frank - 13.10.11
A gud app
Taimur - 7.07.11
I am fine
Pius - 9.10.11
I wone it to be unziping any zip applications so pls let it bee
Nickoloyd britton - 3.04.11
Cool application i have to get one for my phone
Shaikh amir - 12.03.11
This file is corrpted
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