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Nokia DJ Mixer
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Nokia DJ Mixer has 2 functions, mixer and karaoke. With DJ Mixer you can create your own playlists or load an existing playlist from within the the music files on your device. The only problem that I found with this is that it will only add MP3's that you have stored. If you've converted your music to AAC format using Nokia's Music Manager you won't be able to find your music. Once your playlist is created you can listen to the playlist and mix the styles as you like. Lol, I'm not a DJ so I have no styles!

The Karaoke function seems fun!! Now I'm not gonna play my mix because my voice sounds like crizzap!!

You can load your own MP3 from your device and record and save your own karaoke tune. Unfortunately I got a java error when trying to listen to what I recorded... maybe that was a way of saving me from myself, lol.

All in all the app seems kind of fun, and paired with some stereo bluetooth headsets you could really have some fun.

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abiodun - 27.05.15
Love it
pradeep - 17.04.15
John - 13.01.15
Plz i want to download
Tulog - 3.01.15
Bkit hindi lahat mo makikita ak lungkot
Phanchoza - 16.12.14
No! Man lea rebolaya dj mix oo,gao full
kenzinto - 15.12.14
tell me on hw to download de dj mixer my c3 is nt downloadin it oo
Richard nkope - 7.12.14
Diz dj mixer s*cks bt some were some how iz a gud app bt de brblem iz its aprance a.a bafethu lokisang ntho eo yalona kedi air tym tsa rona tse
Phyno - 27.11.14
We need dj mix for x2 the big one pls
Goodman ndlovu - 13.11.14
Dj mixer is not showing all on my phone and i really need it on my phone.
Plabon dutta - 31.10.14
nokia java dj mixer is a boring app.mara request ha ke koye esa download na kara.
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